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Entry Submission The most courageous thing I’ve done!

25 October 2017 – 20 December 2017

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21 December 2017 – 28-February 2018

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Entry Submission


The most courageous thing I’ve done!

Courage comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. While climbing up Mount Everest, helping out a classmate or animal in need or doing something by yourself for the first time can count as acts of courage. Tell us the time when you were bravely dealing with challenges even it was difficult!

EXAMPLE - Individual entry


I was afraid of big dogs because they are huge. Now I am a volunteer of a pet care house in Yuen Long, I started to know them better and I always clean and play with them. I am not scared of big dogs anymore and we are good friends! (50 words)

I am passionate about…

Share with us a story and photo of what you love doing and how it makes you happy. It could be hobbies like drawing or singing, sports you love playing, or anything that you are crazy about. We want to know more!

EXAMPLE - Individual entry 1


I love playing tennis because of Rafa Nadal. I am very excited whenever I watch him play. He has so much strength. Also he is a wonderful person off the tennis court. He is passionate about tennis and so am I.

EXAMPLE - Individual entry 2


I have been singing for 5 years now and I love performing in front of an audience. Last month I won the singing competition at school and I was so happy. My teacher says my voice is good and I always sing from the heart. When I grow up, I want to be a singer.