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Entry Submission My memorable seasons

By 12 January 2017

From 21 Dec 2016 to 18 Jan 2017
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The person I admire

By 2 March 2017

From 1 Feb 2017 to 8 Mar 2017
(every Wednesday)

The Most Surprising Place I Have Visited in Hong Kong

By 20 Apr 2017

From 22 Mar 2017 to 26 Apr 2017

A wonderful thing just happened to me

By 8 Jun 2017

From 10 May 2017 to 14 Jun 2017



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Jul 2017

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My memorable seasons

There’s nothing more festive as Hong Kong at Christmas time. The merry season evokes memories of a harbour front sparkling with magnificent lights, incessant carols pervading the air and fabulous nights of feasting.

In this category, judges are looking for stories about festive fun with your family at Christmas, Chinese New Year and all other seasons. Tell us your first experiences building a snowman and engaging in a snowball fight, or the best food you have ever had in Chinese New Year.

EXAMPLE - Individual entry


My first encounter with snow happened at a zoo in Hokkaido during a Christmas vacation with my family last year. I was bewitched when powdery snow began falling from the skies, covering the enclosures of polar bears and penguins in white. I was so happy that I danced and skipped. (50 words)

EXAMPLE - Group entry

Short Story:

My best friend and I spent last Christmas Eve baking sugar cookies for our classmates. We planned to make biscuits shaped like snowflakes, snowman and Father Christmas. We entered the kitchen at 4 p.m, but I didn’t leave until 10 p.m. It was a great deal of work to make and chill the dough, cut it with cookie cutters, bake and then decorate the cookies with a chocolate pen. In the end, we had to ask our mothers to help out. It was a tiring but worthwhile process because our biscuits were very popular. It was the best Christmas ever. (100 words)

The person I admire

Role models, whether yours is your mother, a photographer or an astronaut, inspire you to be a greater person in life and see the best in yourself. You might aspire to be someone like your role model because he has overcome difficulties to achieve their career goals, or because he is confident and positive.

In this category, judges want to know who your role model is and why you look up to this person.

The Most Surprising Place I Have Visited in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a diverse city and full of surprises. Besides the obvious things, like the world's greatest skyline and some of the most raucous markets around, we want you to look out for the city’s best kept secrets. From hidden waterfalls and vintage toys, to boutiques tucked away in little alleys, and the best street food stalls. Or maybe the beautiful nature and ancient walled villages in Hong Kong's countryside.

A wonderful thing just happened to me

Each day is different, and each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to everything. There are so many amazing moments in life. They can be small or they can be huge. Spending quality time with friends and family is priceless. Having a new pet as a friend is wonderful. We want to share your joy of a wonderful thing that just happened to you, or even to your family.