Posties English Speech Contest

Posties English Speech Contest

好消息 - 報名截止日期已延長!
 鑑於全港學校正值停課階段,為讓各小朋友有更多時間為 “Posties英語演講比賽” 做準備,我們將會延長報名日期,使小朋友有多時間,進入最佳狀態。 

最新網上報名截止日期為 2021年2月28日(星期日)。  比賽類別、形式、日期和其他安排將維持不變。 期待在比賽中見到大家!

Great news - registration deadline has been extended! 

In view of the current school suspension measures imposed by the EDB, we understand it would be a rush to get your students into top shape for the Posties English Speech Contest. Therefore, we are extending the registration deadline and giving you the extra time to prepare. Online registration now  ends on  28 February 2021 (Sunday)

There are no changes in competition categories, format, date and other arrangements. We look forward to seeing your students at the contest!

We are delighted to announce that the first Posties English Speech Contest organised by the South China Morning Post and the English Drama and Speech Academy (EDSA) is coming in March 2021. Supported by the EDSA, one of the most experienced and highly regarded speech performance training academies, the inaugural Posties Speech Contest will put the spotlight on public speaking. The Contest is open to Primary 1 to 6 students with 5 categories to choose from: Prose Speaking, Verse Speaking, Show & Tell, Public Speaking and News Reporting.

Unlike traditional school speech competitions and aligned with SCMP values, the Posties English Speech Contest encourages students to speak their minds. Hence, students are required to produce their own opinion piece for the Public Speaking and News Reporting categories. 

Join now and show us what you have got! 

Posties 英語朗誦比賽目的是為學生們提供英語朗誦及公開演講的實踐機會,讓他們有機會同儕,互相切磋,了解自己的英語能力,透過比賽提升英語朗誦及演說技巧。

If you wish to send your application by post, please include payment receipt or cheque with student’s name, school, class and parent’s contact number, and return together with the entry form to the following address: Posties Marketing, 19/F Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

如選擇郵寄參賽表格,請將繳費收據或支票背後寫上學生姓名、學校名稱、班別及家長聯絡電話,並釘附於表格一併郵寄致以下地址: Posties Marketing, 19/F Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Eligibility  參賽組別 

Contest Category 比賽項目

Remarks 備註

Set Piece / Topic: Contestants should hand in their set piece or own choice to the staff at reception on the day of the contest. No submission is required before the contest. You may find the set piece for Prose Speaking and Verse Speaking on

指定誦材 / 演說題目︰參賽者須於比賽當日將誦材或演說題目呈交予接待處職員,事前無需向大會提交。指定誦材可參閱

Judging Criteria: Content & language, communication & delivery technique (applicable in Show & Tell, Public Speaking, News Reporting only), pronunciation, tone, rhythm, gestures, manner, eye contact, and emotions



Certificate of Recognition for each contestant will be awarded after completing the competition

Certificate of Excellence for the contestants with a score of 80 or more.

Champion, First Runner-up, Second Runner-up and Merit will be presented in each category. The winning students will receive a trophy and a certificate. There will be respective champions and runners-up on each day.

Most Supportive School Award - for the school with the highest number of participating students



學生獲得分數達80 分或以上可獲頒發「良好證書」



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View List of Set Pieces / 瀏覽比賽指定誦材