Science Exploration

Science Exploration | 小小科學家

Ages 6-8


Hands-on and minds on too!

Being a scientist can be fun and creative! There are 6 experiments in this activity-based course taught over 3 half-days, which involve everything from understanding natural science to constructing models. Campers will be encouraged to think analytically, but also have plenty of scope to use their own ideas and imagination. 

There are different experiments in each morning and afternoon session, and it is possible to join either one or both.

Some of the activities from the morning session:

  • Acid base reactions: find out why gas bubbles are “pushed” out of soda water
  • Force and Friction: build an inclined plane to understand how friction works
  • Muscles: investigate the functions of muscles and dissect chicken wings to observe how muscles work in pairs
  • Electrical Circuits: construct a firefly to understand electrical circuits
  • Extraordinary Airplane: construct a model plane and look into the various working parts of an aircraft
  • Solutions: experiment with different substances to see whether they dissolve in water

Some of the activities from the afternoon session:

  • Moving Through Fluids: build a boat to carry as much cargo as possible
  • Nutrients: perform experiments to find the relative protein and fat contents of a variety of foods
  • Under Construction: build houses or bridges that can withstand strong winds
  • Physical Changes: observe how heat changes the states of crayons from solid to liquid
  • Temperature Reactions: mix plaster with water to learn an exothermic reaction
  • Eyes: dissect the eye of a sheep to understand the structure and function of the parts of the human eye




  • 電路:深入了解電路,並製作會發亮的螢火蟲
  • 肌肉:透過解剖雞翅,了解肌肉的運作及功能
  • 飛機:建構模型飛機,並了解飛機的構造及運作
  • 酸鹼反應:為何氣泡被梳打水趕出來
  • 摩擦"力":研究力學,了解它和摩擦力的關係
  • 水 : 嘗試不同的物質,看看它們是否溶於水


  • 結構:認識建築物結構,建造可以承受強風的房屋或橋樑
  • 眼睛:解剖羊的眼睛,了解眼睛的結構和功能
  • 在液體中移動:搭建運船,了解物件在液體上移動及承載力
  • 營養:進行實驗,了解各種食物的蛋白質和脂肪含量
  • 物理變化:觀察熱量如何將蠟筆從固體變為液體
  • 溫度反應:學會放熱和吸熱反應

Course Details 活動詳情


SM6AF AM 13, 20, 27 Sep (Sun)

SM6PF PM 13, 20, 27 Sep (Sun) FULL

SM6AG AM 24-26 Oct (Sat-Mon

SM6PG PM 24-26 Oct (Sat-Mon)

SM6PH PM 12, 19, 26 Sep (Sat)

SM6PJ  PM 10-24 Oct (Sat)

SM6PK PM 19, 26 Sep & 3 Oct (Sat)


AM: 09:30-13:00

PM: 14:00-17:30





SM6AC (1) ,SM6AC (2) ,SM6PC (1),SM6PC (2), SM6AD, SM6PD, SM6AE, SM6PE, SM6AF, SM6PF, SM6AG , SM6PG 

InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong


 The Wave, Level 25 Ginza Plaza, Mong Kok


SCMP, 20/F Tower 1 Times Square, Causeway Bay


SM6AC (1) ,SM6AC (2) ,SM6PC (1),SM6PC (2), SM6AD, SM6PD, SM6AE, SM6PE, SM6AF, SM6PF, SM6AG , SM6PG 



旺角銀城廣場25樓The Wave 



Price: HK$1,400 ( course + 12 issues of Posties)
費用: 港幣1,400元 (夏令營及12期Posties週報)
Language: English
教學語言: 英語教學
Class Size: 16 students
班級人數: 每班16人