Science Exploration

Science Exploration | 小小科學家

Ages 9-12


Hands-on and minds on too!

Being a scientist can be fun and creative! There are 6 experiments in this activity-based course taught over 3 half-days, which involve everything from understanding natural science to constructing models. Campers will be encouraged to think analytically, but also have plenty of scope to use their own ideas and imagination.

There are different experiments in each morning and afternoon session, and it is possible to join either one or both.

Morning sessions:

  • Thrusting with Stability: build a miniature rocket thruster and investigate how rockets shoot
  • Sense-sational Explorer: test for the sensitivity of different parts of the bodies
  • What’s in Air: learn about the composition that makes up the Earth’s atmosphere and conduct an experiment to find out the oxygen percentage in air
  • Polymers: investigate the absorbency of diapers
  • Detergents and Enzymes – discover how enzyme helps clean various types of stains
  • Make Your Own Power: Construct a mini generator. Use it to light up a light bulb

Afternoon sessions:

  • Egg Drop Challenge: experiment with gravity and learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Acid Base Reactions: perform titrations to neutralize different acids
  • Chem-vestigtions: perform tests on various substances to understand the different reactions
  • Potential at Work: construct a ramp with a curve. Deploy objects of different masses down the ramp to show the relationship between potential energy and height
  • Bridge It: construct a bridge to hold as much weight as possible
  • The Beating Heat: make a pumping heart model to show how the four chambers of the heart work




  • 推動力:發射自製微形火箭
  • 發電機:構建小型發電機,點亮燈泡
  • 身體反應:測試身體不同部位的敏感度
  • 空氣中的物質:了解大氣層的成份,進行實驗找出空氣中的氧氣含量
  • 吸收力:研究紙尿片能有效吸收水份的成因
  • 消除污漬:了解酶如何幫助清潔各種類型的污漬


  • 結構:認識建築物結構,建造一座能通過不同重量測試的橋
  • 心跳:製作能夠跳動的心臟模型,了解心臟如何運作
  • 地心吸力:加深了解萬有引力和牛頓定律
  • 酸鹼反應:進行不同實驗了解酸鹼度
  • 化學調查:對各種物質進行測試以查看其反應

Course Details 活動詳情


SM9AE AM 13, 20, 27 Sep (Sun)

SM9PE PM 13, 20, 27 Sep (Sun)

SM9AF AM 24-26 Oct (Sat-Mon)

SM9PF PM 24-26 Oct (Sat-Mon)


AM: 09:30-13:00

PM: 14:00-17:30





InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong



Price: HK$1,400 ( course + 12 issues of Posties)
費用: 港幣1,400元 (夏令營及12期Posties週報)
Language: English
教學語言: 英語教學
Class Size: 16 students
班級人數: 每班16人