The Voice

The Voice | 拼拼讀讀 魅力「聲」演

Ages 6-8


This is a fun programme that encourages children to read more by using plays. Reading the text aloud, they become familiar with the language, characters, and plot. Along the way, they learn new words and sounds, enhancing their phonetic skills and discovering how to vary the voice’s tone and pitch.

This helps to develop public speaking skills, vocal control and gives new confidence when it comes to any kind of speech or drama performance. At the end of each lesson, there will be a session to put forward ideas on how to improve the play, which is both fun and a chance for kids to show their creativity!

  • Focus on correct phonics  
  • Tongue Twisters Challenge and phonetic story reading
  • Pronunciation practice and new expressions
  • Discussions to expand vocabulary  
  • Creative ideas for a new play


  • 學好拼音,幫助孩子演說及閱讀能力
  • 透過角色扮演,加強發音技巧
  • 透過閱讀及討論,學到更多英語文法及詞彙

Course Details 活動詳情


EM6VD (1) :PM 27-31 Jul & 3-7 Aug  FULL
EM6VD (2) : PM 27-31 Jul & 3-7 Aug  FULL

EM6VG: PM 10-21 Aug (Mon-Fri; 10 days) 


EM6VD (1) :7月27日至31日及8月3日至7日 (星期一至五下午) FULL
EM6VD (2) : 7月27日至31日及8月3日至7日 (星期一至五下午) FULL

EM6VG: 8月10日至21日 (星期一至五下午)


PM: 14:00-15:30


下午: 2時至3時30分

Price: HK$2,800 ( course + 12 issues of Posties)
費用: 港幣2,800元 (夏令營及12期Posties週報)
Language: English
教學語言: 英語教學
Class Size: 4 students
班級人數: 每班4人



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