Posties Debater

Posties Debater | 辯論達人

Ages 9-12


Co-organised with Future Leaders Academy, this programme gives learners a chance to apply critical thought in a discourse setting, where the focus is on core debate skills in Matter, Manner and Method. Students will identify problems and reason out a solution in a logical approach before verbalizing them in a clear and dynamic manner. It is practical, enjoyable and motivating to expand young debaters’ horizon through active engagement of world issues.

  • Develop foundation knowledge and experience in good debate skills
  • Acquire skills in delivering informative and persuasive speeches
  • Take part in the end of programme debate competition
  • Comprehensive access to latest news, in-depth analysis and domain knowledge base
  • Apply our proven 4D methodology to think critically and communicate persuasively
  • Chance to join the World Junior Schools Debating Competition (Upper Primary) in September

與 Future Leaders Academy 合辦,課程訓練小朋友在英語演說中如何運用批判性思維及思辨能力,打好基礎辯論技巧,藉此增強他們的演說技巧、說服力及自信心,並有效地擴闊他們的視野。

  • 打好英語辯論中論物、論證方式以及論證模式的基礎辯論技巧
  • 辨認問題根源,訓練邏輯思維,提升語言表達的流暢度
  • 鼓勵小朋友討論本地及世界時事,從而擴闊他們的視野
  • 以4D思考模式發展批判性思維並增強他們的說服力
  • 有機會參加九月舉辦的World Junior Schools Debating Competition辯論比賽 (高小組別)

Course Details 活動詳情


SF9FB  AM 24 Oct - 28 Nov


SF9FB  10月24日至11月28日


AM 10:00-12:00




SCMP, 20/F Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay



Price: HK$4,800 ( course + 12 issues of Posties)
費用: 港幣4,800元 (夏令營及12期Posties週報)
Language: English
教學語言: 英語教學
Class Size: 12 students
班級人數: 每班12人