Great Speaker

Great Speaker | 機靈演說家

Ages 8-12


It is important to speak in English clearly and effectively, no matter whether students are talking to people directly or in an online forum. This workshop aims at encouraging students to participate in group discussions with a range of topics, providing ideas and resources to develop their brainstorming and opinions-sharing skills. Each group has a maximum of 4 kids so that everyone can join in, interact and thoroughly enjoy the learning experience. The teacher will help participants listen carefully, read accurately, and express ideas clearly by giving instant feedback.

  • Improve English language skills, pronunciation and oral fluency
  • Enhance critical thinking abilities
  • Practise in giving opinions and presenting ideas
  • Participate in brainstorming and interacting with others

Besides helping student master good speaking techniques, this workshop also teaches them how to think on their feet and what it takes to get on effectively in a group. The main activities include:

  • Reading news articles and discussing the key themes
  • Studying specific topics and sharing experience
  • Introduction to brainstorming techniques
  • Discussion as a way to explore different ideas
  • Creative thinking exercises
  • Multi-dimensional thinking activities

無論是現實上課、與人溝通或在網上互動,能說出一口流利的英語是非常重要。這個英語工作坊由專業外藉導師教授英語會話技巧,藉著參加不同的主題討論及演講, 提升孩子們的自信心及能力。另外,課程亦著重小班教學,每班最多四人,導師可以就同學的表現,即時給予意見,令孩子的學習進步神速。

  • 掌握英語說話技巧的竅門
  • 提高英語表達能力,發音和流利度
  • 提升批判思考能力
  • 增強小朋友自信心,勇於發表意見
  • 有效地組織說話內容,與其他孩子們互動


  • 新聞閱讀及主題討論
  • 專題探索和經驗分享
  • 引導啟發思維技巧
  • 以討論表達不同意見
  • 創意思考練習
  • 多維思想訓練

Course Details 活動詳情


EM9GA AM 5-21 Aug (Every Mon, Wed & Fri; 8 days)

EM9GB AM 4-20 Aug (Every Tue, Thu & Sat; 8 days)  FULL

EM9GC PM 5-21 Aug (Every Mon, Wed, Fri; 8 days)

EM9GD PM 4-20 Aug (Every Tue, Thu & Sat; 8 days)  FULL


EM9GA 上午 8月5至21日 (星期一,三,五) 

EM9GB 上午 8月4至20日 (星期二,四,六)  FULL

EM9GC 下午 8 月5至21日(星期一,三,五)  

EM9GD 下午 8月4至20日 (星期二,四,六)  FULL


AM: 12:00-12:45

PM: 16:00-16:45

Price: HK$2,400
費用: 港幣2,400元 (夏令營及12期Posties週報)
Language: English
教學語言: 英語教學
Class Size: 4 students
班級人數: 4人
Course Module:

online lesson