News and Feature

Our news and feature stories are educational read for kids. Our coverage includes the latest news, stories on Hong Kong students and school life, and interesting stories and facts that are not covered in school.

News to Share – Trending topics to encourage reading

Eye on China – Snapshots of life around the nation

Discover – Explore your surroundings and nearby events

Interactive Learning

Kids will love learning with our interactive section. Our interactive activities are tailor-made to encourage kids of all levels to take part.

Little Journalist – Brush up on your writing skills and be featured in Posties

Penguin – Travel the world with Penguin to learn English expressions

Day Out – Plan a day out with friends and family to see the coolest places in Hong Kong

Fun Learning

Make learning fun! We have lots of engaging and effective learning activities that kids can do it anytime, anywhere.

STEM – Science from A-Z plus easy-to-follow experiments

Eye on China – Snapshots of life around the nation

Travel the World – Discover a world of wonder on your doorstep